Your Indirect Path to Happiness

beachOn the surface, happiness looks a lot like winning; they appear to be outcomes-end results, and both are something we would like to think we are in control of.¬†On the other hand, what we also know is that “the process” is very much in our control. And “the process” contains inherently in it, all the key ingredients we need for both happiness and winning. In pursing the process we discover a cornucopia of meaning to our actions, layers and layers of good feeling, fortune and cheer, despite any obstacles that are seemingly in our way.

The process as John Wodden so eloquently describes, is not everything, but it’s the only thing that matters. And in fact he’s right. If at the end of our day, we pursued what we love, gave of ourselves fully, and engaged most completely in the process; then both the silver cup, and the genuine smile emanating across our faces, our ours in victory and in defeat.

Herein lies the indirect path to happiness; happiness is not in the catching of the butterfly, nor is it in the waiting for it to land, happiness resides in your peace of mind and your attention to the process, in doing so you will turn to find that the butterfly has landed gently upon your shoulder.

-Amy Alcini from Recycling Happiness.

Posted on February 14, 2013 at 7:37 pm

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