Marianne Williamson for Congress: Politics of Conscience

marianneMarianne Williamson is one of the worlds’ most cherished spiritual teachers and leaders, as well as New York Times best-selling author of books such as “A Return to Love” (1992) and “Healing The Soul of America” (1998) that speaks to the sacred path of spiritual activism and pointed to the Causes of what shortly thereafter transpired in America, as viewed through the eyes of a metaphysician.

Sunday afternoon Oct 20th 2013 at The Saban Theater in Los Angeles Ca. Marianne Williamson formally made her announcement that she is running as an Independent for The US House of Representatives in California’s 33-rd District, a seat that is currently being held by Henry Waxman a long time Democratic incumbent.

Williamson began by telling us that her announcement had to do with “The Knowledge of the Heart.” She spoke eloquently about the extraordinary principals our nation was founded—namely the spiritual and philosophical principal of equality for all, which today seems to be in direct contrast to the political leverage that has been gained by a few wealthy individuals and many US corporations. This shift in power has had considerable effects on the policies and laws that now rule over our nation, systematically crippling tens of millions of American families and their children each day.

If we reserve political leverage only for those corporations and individuals who have enough disposable income to spend on their political leverage where does that leave our children? Where does that leave our Vets? Where does that leave the 99% of the hard working Americans that do not have the needed money to lobby congress to pass laws that fortify and foster the values of humanity?
Williamson said Sunday evening that it’s not so much the differences of our two major political parties that is concerning to her, it is their similarities.
Williamson says “American government has lost it’s ethical center and its deep commitment to democracy, drifting ever more consistently in a corporatist direction.”
And continued by saying “our biggest threat to democracy is the slow, but now constant chipping away at our democratic freedoms.” She believes “that a wave of independent candidates, all committed to a huge course correction, is what is necessary to turn this ship around.”

Marianne Williamson told us tonight that she believes in a politics of conscience—which orders humanitarian values over economic values. I assure you this is not just her political speech. For the past thirty plus years Williamson has been an active spiritual teacher and leader holding a true space for these principals to come to light.
She articulates this politics of conscience in her lectures, and it’s also mirrored throughout her many books.

Williamson’s political platform is one that is primarily concerned with ordering humanitarian values over short-term economic gains and getting money out of politics.
And if you are wondering what her moral positions will look like as she steps into the world of politics, they are most easily reflected in the moral teachings of Gandhi’s Satyagraha (non-violence), Nelson Mandela’s practice of forgiveness and in MLK Jr.’s example of the beloved community. Williamson like Gandhi, Mandela and King all entered the world of politics from a spiritual calling as opposed to a personal political agenda.
And as we further examine these four political leaders and history itself we uncover what is most important;
prior to politics these leaders cultivated within themselves a kind of moral compass as it were, relating to their inner guidance and their steadfast commitment to love and humanitarian values above all else.

In closing if Marianne Williamson were to be elected into Congress, it is this writers’ opinion to expect nothing less than miracles. Each Monday night Williamson lectures in Los Angeles on the principles of A Course in Miracles and what I have witnessed in attendance is nothing short of transformative and miraculous. So to me it makes perfect sense that Williamson who has dedicated decades of her life to transforming individual souls is the best candidate to transform the soul of The United States of America.

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